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A lot of founders and co-founders of startups and corporate customers are surprised to find that video marketing is actually a lot harder than they thought it was going to be – particularly on social media like LinkedIn like in this case this video with the Blue ball rolling that was published on LinkedIn by Tony. And that also goes for startups across different domains including impact startups.

To make your corporate or social videos for your startups more sharable, here are some tips that are part of the blended learning program for startups we offer as part of the Startup Accelerator As A Service© program.


Make them stand-out.

With literally millions of videos shared online these days, the key thing you need to focus on is making your video unique. It’s not easy, but it’s the one thing guaranteed to get your video shared by the masses.

The goal is to create a video customers and prospects haven’t seen before. If this isn’t possible, at the very least you need to make sure it stands out from what has been done before.

Take inspiration from companies that have managed this such as insurance companies who have used talking animals in their videos. Anything that gives the video the wow factor is going to get your videos shared.

Show emotions

Customers and leads are a lot more likely to share a video if they see emotions. It stimulates their emotions in turn. Videos that make the viewer happy, sad or which contains adorable scenes for example, tends to encourage a lot more shares.

When trying to decide which emotion to target, keep in mind that positive emotions tend to result in a 40% increase in shares than negative ones.

Make them worthwhile to watch

The majority of popular videos shared on social media, are those which address common issues. If you provide useful information and help the viewer to solve a problem, they’re going to share your video with others.

Overall, getting your videos shared online can be a difficult and time consuming task. But in any case, video marketing and especially social video marketing is getting more and more important if you want to attract customers and investors for your startup. And that is why we include video marketing in the Startup Accelerator As A Service© value proposition.

I hope these first tips help. If you want to read more blogs and view more content on social video marketing for you as a large organization and startups you want to work with, bookmark ‘Social video marketing’ content here.


Tony de Bree


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