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Our story

Since 1997, Tony de Bree founder & CEO of Startup Accelerator As A Service © has been helping large organisations to increase corporate entrepreneurship in combination with advising, training & coaching executives, founders of startups, CEOs of scale-ups, SMEs and family companies and investors.

He saw many Startup Accelerator Programs that were not successful, of mixed quality &  too expensive.

Our Story


Our Approach


We are people and no robots. We are passionate about co-designing and implementing the best in-house Startup Accelerator program together with you as our customer. Technology can play an important role in that in blended learning for instance, sure. But in the end 'it is all about people'.

We want you as our customer to be successful & win.  Because if you are a success, we are to.

Our Story

The team

All our teams are build on demand. Depending on the requirements of you as our customer and who you want to participate in the program from your own organization.  We have strategic partnerships with best-in-class reliable experts in every domain you will ever need, including corporate and private investors, trainers, mentors, coaches and search and recruitment experts.


Tony de Bree

Founder & CEO

Born entrepreneur and storyteller, former corporate banker and global change manager. Tony is reviewing business plans, training and coaching founders of startups and CEOs of scale-ups since 1997 across industries. He is bestselling author of a number of 'how-to-books'.  Want to know more about him, check him out on LinkedIn here and follow him there.

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