Co-design your program

We help you to design the best modular in-house Startup Accelerator Program in line with your objectives, needs & budgets and the objectives of the startups.

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Plan & run your program

Depending on your objectives and the type of startups we can plan and run the whole program together with you including the different activities.

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advice, train & coach

We will advice, train and coach the founders of the startups, the start-up teams, the mentors and your own managers and employees in different ways.

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Since 1993

corporate entrepreneurship and collaborating with startups

Many organizations want to increase corporate entrepreneurship by partnering with startups. However, most of the times these programs fail.

The main reason is that as a successful business partner, your team in your organization has to have the right cultural fit to work together with startups while at the same time, the founder of the startup and his or her team  has to learn how to work with people in large organizations.

We use our experience with change programs and 'The Learning Organization' in large organizations, in the startup world and in the investor world to design your tailor-made in-house ' Startup Accelerator Program'.


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