Financial services companies

There are different types of corporate high-tech startup accelerator programs we can run in Financial Services for you like in FinTech, RegTech & LegalTech for instance.


Non-financial commercial companies

Together with a number of worldclass-partners, we can provide accelerator services to you in high tech areas like LegalTech, EduTech, digital platforms and e-commerce.


Public- and semi public authorities

The public sector is very active in collaborating with startups in different domains. Including, Law, Cybercrime, Security, work and income related projects and impact startups.

'Startup Accelerator As A Service in het Nederlands.

Financial Services Accelerator Programs

Within Financial Services there are different accelerator programs we can cover together with you based on our core competencies: FinTech, RegTech and LegalTech around themes like digital platforms, e-commerce, e-business, client onboarding, Know-Your-Client (KYC), Client Due Diligence (CDD) and digital identity for instance.

We use our own 'Fintech Startup Blueprint (C)', 'RegTech Startup Blueprint (C) and 'LegalTech Startup Blueprint (C) approaches for that.

Non-Financal Accelerator Programs

Outside of Financial Services, there are also activities in your internal accelerator programs we can cover with you based on our core competencies: in EduTech and in ConTech for instance. And also in ICT with digital platforms, e-commerce, e-business, client onboarding, digital identity and blockchain.

We use our own 5-step adapted 'EduTech Startup Blueprint' and 'ConTech Startup Blueprint' for that.


Public-authority accelerator programs

Many public and semi-public authority organizations like ministries, municipalities and governmental organizations feel the need to connect with developments in society. They want to change their internal ways of working and increase internal entrepreneurship and organizational learning by working together with entrepreneurs and especially startups. We help these organizations with program development, events, workshops & masterclasses for different stakeholders.


We would like to learn more about what your requirements are and tell you more about our services during a meeting, which is free of charge. We are looking forward to meeting your organization and help you in the future.