These are the most asked questions and the answers we can give you. Because we like to 'do it' instead of 'talking about it', tell us if you have a question that is not answered here.

Why should I call you tomorrow?

We will help you selecting the right startups, set-up the program internally and increase corporate entrepreneurship in your organization the way you want it. At the pace you want and including the people you want. We help you to be different from other organizations and become successful yourself.

Is 'Startup Accelerator As A Service' Really different?

Yes, and we can’t wait to discuss with you how we can work together. Our mission is to help you designing and running a program on demand. There are a number of things that underline the uniqueness of our approach: 1) We are not a 'carwash' like other known accelerators. We do not believe in standard programs: they have never worked. 2) We co-design tailor-made programs on demand with you. 3) We share knowledge and experience and do not keep it for ourselves. 4) We use new technology including digital marketing (mobile, social and video marketing) techniques for external and internal 'sales' and 'marketing in close collaboration with you and your employees.

What are the clients this innovative service is designed for?

This custom internal accelerator service is for organizations that want to co-design and run an internal accelerator-program, be in charge and want to do that with trustworthy and highly skilled people that have a proven world-class track-record in corporate entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and in co-working with and investing in startups and scale-ups. Helping them to develop ideas into successful startups & scale-ups and make them 'fly'.

What are the main activities we can help you with?

Depending on your organizational objectives, your needs and budgets, we can help you with all activities that are required to run a successful internal accelerator-project including selecting and working together with startups in different areas. That includes designing the program, selecting the startups, setting up an internal program inside your organization, carrying out different types of online and offline education, training and coaching activities and much more. Because we have experience with blended learning programs including e-learning and distance learning, we can design whatever you want in this domain.

If you want to know more, gives us a ring today and let's connect.

what methods and materials do you use in 'startup accelerator as a service' programs?

We use materials and methods based on our 20 years plus of experience with internal innovation programs, change management, digital transformation and corporate venturing and private investment programs. For the startups, we use materials based on the bestseller by Tony de Bree 'Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup' en 'Geld verdienen met jezelf' ('how to make money with yourself and your network'), specially designed canvasses in English and in Dutch and materials you want to use yourself, based on methods that you use internally.

For corporate innovation and change and digital programs we use a number of strategies, methods and tools including from this book.

When can I start a 'Startup Accelerator As A Service' Program with you?

Whenever you want! Because we don't believe in standard programs, you can decide that yourself. We need of course to come together and decide on what you want to do, how and when. Based on that, we design the program together with you, plan and role it out. With you and your employees in the lead. We call it 'collaborative change'.